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What is nanofiber?
Nanofiber, it may not be familiar words too much. Have you heard of microchip, microfiber etc? It is a nanosized fiber smaller than that micro (micro). A specific example is about 1 / 200th of the length of a single hair is nanometer. How about. Do not you think it is as thin as you can not imagine. Taking advantage of this thin fiber diameter plus the uniform distribution of fibers, nanofibers are applied to high performance filters, masks, high performance textiles, medical products, cosmetics and other products.


Nanofiber manufacturing equipment manufactured by Elmarco
In 2000, Czech Republic Liberec was established as a custom equipment supplier for the semiconductor industry. Contributing to the development of new materials and technologies of nanofiber since the first model of electrospinning device “Nano Spider TM” without nozzles was announced in cooperation with Liberec Technical University in 2004 We are continually improving our equipment every day. Thanks to that, it became a well-known existence in the industry enough to be named first, “Electro Spinning Device Speaking of El Camo”.

Also, since it is one of the leading global and high-tech enterprises in the Czech Republic, our company’s “Nano Spider TM” will be exhibited at the Czech Republic Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and will always be said at the place to introduce the Czech business El Marco will appear as good as you can.

KAZELFA is in charge of Asia region for sales of Elmarco products and after-sales service.

Elmarco’s website is here


第10回[国際]二次電池展 ~バッテリー ジャパン~ 出展のお知らせ


2019年2月27日から3月1日まで東京ビッグサイトで行われる「第10回[国際]二次電池展 ~バッテリー ジャパン~」に出展します。ブースでは小型エレクトロスピニング装置によるナノファイバー作製のデモンストレーションを行います。

第10回[国際]二次電池展 ~バッテリー ジャパン~

日   時:2019年2月27日(水)から3月1日(金)
場   所:東京ビッグサイト 西ホール
ブース番号:W-10-43 *Graham C (Hong Kong) Ltd. 社との共同出展

~ 沢山の方々のご来場、誠に有難うございました ~



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