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Ritsuko Arima Harp Recital in Tokyo

Ritsuko Arima Harp Recital in Tokyo

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Date:November 9, 2018
Venue:Parthenon Tama Small hall
Start:19:30(19:00 doors open)
Organizer:KAZELFA Corporation
Supported by: Tama City Embassy of Czech Republic  in Japan

Ritsuko Arima(Harp)
Ami Fujiwara(Piano)*

J. S. Bach| Suite No. 1 BWV 996
B. Smetana | Ma Vlast (My Country) – Vyšehrad
F. Godefroid| Carnival of Venice for Harp Op. 184
R. Gliere | Impromptu for Harp
A. Ginastera | Harp Concerto Op. 25 *

Ticket Parthenon Tel. +81-42-376-8181
Open : 10:00-18:00 (everyday except facility closing day)

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JPY 3,000(tax included) *Reserved seat only
※ No preschool children allowed
※ Performers and tracks may change without notice due to circumstances
※Except in the case of performance cancellation, refund / change of tickets after reservation / purchase
We do not accept cancellation.

About – Ritsuko Arima Harp Recital in Tokyo 

Ritsuko Arima, a nova of Japan’s harp world, who won the 1st prize in the 27th Japan Harp Competition, Professional Category in 2015, will hold a solo recital in November this year at Parthenon Tama, Tokyo, Japan.

Speaking of the harp recital at Parthenon Tama, it is still new to memory that the only recital performances in Tokyo was held at this hall by Jana Boušková (Principal soloist of Czech Philharmonic Orchestra), the queen of the harp world who came from the Czech Republic in June last year.

Harp music are widely popular, such as one of instruments in the full orchestra, or a concert of salon music playing with flutes etc. but have little opportunities to listen individually as a solo instrument, The solo recital by Boušková gave a huge response from various fields with brilliant sounds and emotional rich musical expressions.

This year, Ritsuko Arima will appear on the same stage as Boušková. Arima was under Boušková’s tutelage as during her enrollment at the Czech National Brno Philharmonic Academy from 2014 to 2016.

The greatest feature of this recital is the Harp Concerto by Argentine composer of the 20th century, Alberto Evaristo Ginastera. Composed from 1956 and premiered by master harpist, Nicanor Zabaleta in 1965, this “Harp Concerto” has become an extremely important repertoire for every harpist in the world.
Ritsuko Arima also played this piece when she won the Japan Harp Competition in 2015. Ami Fujiwara who instructed music to Ritsuko Arima at that time, will play the orchestra part by piano herself at this recital.

“I am extremely pleased to be able to hold a solo recital at a lovely hall called Parthenon Tama this time. Two years’ experience in Czech Republic as a disciple of Jana Boušková who I have adored since I was a junior high school student makes my body full of love for Czech, gratefulness for my teacher Jana and vigor of my own fresh sound.
I hope everyone enjoy the up-to-date sound of Ritsuko derived from the wonderful environment where I belonged,Ritsuko Arima” Ritsuko Arima tells with enthusiasm for this recital.

In addition to Ginastera ‘s “Harp Concerto”, she will play “Vyšehrad” from Ma Vlast (My Country) by great Czech  composer Smetana, Suite No.1 by J.S. Bach, Carnival of Venice and other masterpieces, and will speak about her own experience of study abroad in the Czech Republic, It is a program that can fully enjoy the charm of harp with speech.

After winning numerous competitions and winning the 1st in the 27th Japan Harp Competition in the professional category at 2015, she steadily secured high position as a professional harp player. As Arima’s first solo recital in a full-scale concert hall, we cannot miss this opportunity. There is no doubt that this harp recital will draw a lot of attention in this year’s classical music world.


Profile – Ritsuko Arima (Harp)
Born in 1993 in Tokyo, Japan. Started studying piano from the age of 3, and harp from the age of 8. Graduated from The Music High School Attached to the Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2015.
From September 2014, enrolled membership at Czech National Brno Philharmonic Orchestra Academy until 2016. Studied harp with Noriko Sakomoto, Risako Hayakawa, Mari Kimura and Jana Boušková. Studied piano with Ami Fujiwara and Akira Eguchi.

2004   Won the 2nd prize of The 16th Nippon Harp Competition (Junior)
2005 & 2006 Jointed to Geneva Summer Courses of Chantal Mathieu
2006   Won the 2nd prize of The 18th Nippon Harp Competition (Junior)
2008   Won the 2nd prize of The 20th Nippon Harp Competition (Advance)
2009   A member of Junior Philharmonic Orchestra
2010   Won the 3rd prize of The 2nd Hungary International Harp Competition (under 21)
2011, 2012, 2013 & 2015 Jointed to Master Class of Jana Bouskova at Courchevel
2011   Semi Finalist of Concours de Harpe Lily Laskine 2011
2014   Solist (Performed J.Rodorigo: Concert de Aranjuez with Geidai Philharmonia)
2015   Won the 1st prize of The 27th Nippon Harp Competition (Professional)
2017   CD “Contemplation – meditation – sound of harp spinning melody” released

Ritsuko Arima Official Site : http://ritsukoharp.wixsite.com/arima-ritsuko


From the album “Contemplation – meditation – sound of harp spinning melody” by Ritsuko Arima




インドのチェンナイにあるAnna Universityを訪問しました。 エルマルコのナノスパイダーで日々ナノファイバーの研究を行っていらっしゃいます。 チェンナイの街は朝から活気があります。

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